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Small House Plans Under 1000 Square Feet

Small House Plans Under 1000 Square Feet

2-bedroom, 1000-sq.-ft. home in Bungalow style with front porch and beige siding.

Not everyone can have a large-sized lot. These small house plans under 1000 square feet have small footprints with "big" home plan features - good things come in small packages! We carry compact house plans that appeal to your inner minimalist while still retaining your sense of style. Whether you’re looking at building a quaint country cottage or a contemporary home, we have plans under 1000 square feet to please everyone.

Why Go with a Smaller Home Plan?

Bigger used to be considered better, but not anymore. Downsizing has become a trend these days with people giving more thought about the environmental impact caused by larger houses. Because they are smaller in size, 1000 square foot home plans can mean lower mortgage payments and reduced bills. The money saved can allow you to treat yourself with vacations and entertaining friends and family.

A Chinese philosophy states that the less the clutter, the better the energy, and that seems to be true with our small house plans. We almost always end up dumping under-used or unwanted stuff in closets and elsewhere if the floor plan space is big enough.

On the other hand, if the space is compact, we might spend time in choosing the necessary clothes, gadgets, and equipment to store. This lets us feel good about our home. And after all, isn’t it better to maintain a tiny house rather than killing almost all the weekends in tidying up an extravagant house? Spare time can always be converted into quality time for some better purpose.

A compact house floor plan also encourages bonding with family members. Sharing a room with siblings builds good qualities in the kids as they learn to adjust to their surroundings. It also helps families feel more connected to each other..

All the more, house plans under 1000 square feet have a better market for resale. You don't have to struggle with moving out. A smaller house sends you off with a better farewell.

No matter your reason for wanting a smaller home, there’s no better place to find a compact house plan with big style than The Plan Collection. Browse our one-of-a-kind plans below.

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