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Modern House Plans and Modern House Designs

Modern House Plans and Modern House Designs

House design in the Modern style with stained wood lap siding and stone exterior.

Are you searching for the best Modern house plans in which to live a modern life? Your quest is over because The Plan Collection has the right large, medium, or small Modern house plans for you. Established in the 1920s, the Modern style incorporates open floor plans and vaulted ceilings. Also referred to as Art Deco, this architectural style uses geometrical elements and simple design to achieve a unique look. With The Plan Collection’s Modern home plans, you won’t have to worry about your home going out of style—all our modern home plans are timeless and made to last.

Whether this will be your first home or you are looking to upgrade, we have the perfect modern house plans for you. We are highly selective during our vetting process, so our entire collection of Modern home plans has been carefully reviewed by our designers and house-plan specialists. Other companies don’t give that level of attention to the modern home plans they sell to clients looking for this style.


Chic Living at an Affordable Price

Thanks to the prevalence of Modern design, it is not hard to get the look while being budget-friendly when looking at options for modern house floor plans for your home. The Plan Collection strives to offer our customers a variety of quality Modern house plans that will not break the bank. Our designers incorporate smart planning when they start work on modern home plans, which is why the plans we offer are so affordable. By pushing creative boundaries through great design, we are able to give our customers value.

When considering which layout works for you and your budget, keep these questions in mind:

> How complicated or simple are your modern house plans? The more complicated the design, the more costly it will be to build it. If you want to be budget-friendly, choose small Modern house plans in a simple style, or modify your house plan to better suit your budget.

> What kind of lot will your home be built on? A flat and level lot will result in less costly construction. If you want extra space without paying too much extra for it, a sloping lot is a great way to get the extra square footage by incorporating a daylight, or walk-out, lower level.

> What type of building material are you using? Buying all top-notch materials for your home is a surefire way to go over your budget. In order to make your home building project as affordable as possible, make sure you evaluate the materials you are using and make compromises where possible.


Search Among the Best Modern Home Plans

From Modern style to Contemporary to Ultra-contemporary angular designs, The Plan Collection has a variety of modern home plans with photos that show just how they'll look. We even have house plans with videos to help you get a closer look inside the home. Our talented designers work hard to make sure all modern house floor plans are unique and offer something different—making your new Modern home stand out! 

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