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L-Shaped Floor Plans

L-Shaped Floor Plans

Beautiful L-shaped contemporary home with 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and 1 half bath, all on one floor

L-shaped home plans are often overlooked, with few considering it as an important detail in their home design. This layout of a home can come with many benefits, though, depending on lot shape and landscaping/backyard desires.

Architects know that there is a real purpose to the L shaped home, beyond aesthetics, and more homeowners should know about it.

Purpose of an L-Shaped House

Architects didn’t create floor plans with an L shape just because they look good. They created these homes to fit deep-seeded needs – and problems.

Designers and architects are constantly met with challenges – how to fit a five bedroom home with a large garage on a sloped or narrow lot; how to combat the intense winds of the region; how to provide privacy in a crowded neighborhood.

The L shape came as a solution to many of those problems. Here’s how:

  • The unique shape can be used to box off a backyard or courtyard, where a family won’t be seen from the street.
  • The shape provides shelter in a backyard against winds. It can also protect the home in a high-wind area because the wind likely won’t be hitting the home head on but rather at an angle.
  • The layout creates separate areas in the home for cars (sometimes in the form of a porte cochere), bedrooms, a study, or an entertainment space. This often helps with noise reduction and privacy issues.
  • The shape may take full advantage of a view or views.
  • The design may allow for a private space in the backyard where a pool or outdoor entertainment area can be created.

While the L shaped ranch house is the most popular style chosen, it is not the only architectural style available.

No matter the depth, width, or slope of your lot, an L-shape house can work for you. Find the layout for your next dream home here!


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