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Traditional Home Design with a Modern Twist!

See The Plan Collection's Newest Home Designer

We've recently added a new home designer to The Plan Collection Team. With over 60 designers and more than 18,000 house plans, you might expect that we've seen it all. Well, not quite!

This new home designer offers over one-hundred different home plans, and each one sports a style all its own. Each houseplan seems to have a traditional Old World style, but there is always an attractive and modern twist to make it unique.

The Cadillac House Plan

Take, for instance, The Cadillac. Here is a wonderfully refreshing home design that displays the perfect combination of several architectural styles. The Cadillac mixes design principles from the Tudor style with a somewhat traditional country shell and the effect is amazing! The result is like a breath of fresh air --- an eclectic grouping of classical, timely styles with just a dash of the contemporary. The end product is something entirely new and wonderful!

The Ada House Plan - Full of Surprises

This designer has several plans that are so unique (yet still totally attractive) that it's hard to label exactly what style the home is. You really ought to check out his collection of Traditional House Plans as well. If there is one thing that all these homeplans have in common it's the fact that they all have very comfortable, well-thought-out floorplans.

Sometimes it feels as if many of today's house plans come from the same cookie-cutter shape, but believe me, it is exciting to find something fresh and new, yet still classy and elegant. Why don't you check it out for yourself? Click Here to see this designer's entire collection. It's great!

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