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Top 5 Interior Design Trends for 2016

Although designing the new home you’ve just built from house plans isn’t all about the latest trends, it’s good to have your finger on the pulse and to be aware of the design styles that are currently popular. You want to think about longevity when considering your home décor, but injecting elements of current interior trends throughout the floor plan will keep your rooms looking stylish and contemporary. Read on to discover five of the biggest interior design trends of 2016.



1. Artisan

Handcrafted goods have seen a recent resurgence, especially with the popularity of macramé and ceramics. Consumers are becoming more aware of the negatives associated with mass-production, and subsequently more and more people have started to buy local artisan products. A romanticized folk element is evident across both design and point of sale, reminiscent of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Getting to know more about the person that has created the product that you are purchasing for your home plan is integral to the trend. Handmade products add a real sense of personality into your floor plan, whether you are crafting your own candles or wall hangings and pottery, or you’ve picked up a piece from a local general store, potter, or weaver. 



2. Botanicals

Plants are literally everywhere this year, being placed on every available surface in the home in a variety of planters, terrariums, and macramé hangers. The current appreciation for Mid-Century design has resulted in an appreciation of 1970s styles, reaching across both fashion and house plan interiors. House plants that were popular in the ‘70s, such as cheese plants, spider plant, ferns, rubber plants, and mother-in-law’s tongue have all reached a new found popularity, especially among young twenty-somethings. Keep your home floor plan looking modern by potting your plants in minimal ceramic or concrete pots and by seeking inspiration from Scandinavian design.

Note the plants on the tall storage unit, in front of the window, and on the dresser in this master bedroom. The home is a 1-story Craftsman-style Luxury house plan with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms (Home Plan #161-1049).



3. Geometric

The must-have print of 2016, geometric designs can also be seen in silhouettes for those who are shy of pattern. Harking back to the days of Art Deco, albeit with a thoroughly contemporary edge, 2016’s geometric prints echo the zigzags, chevrons, and symmetrical designs associated with the extravagant architectural style of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. Opt for one or two bold prints in a room to nod toward the trend without it’s becoming overpowering, with cushion covers, bed linens, and blankets being easy options. Alternatively, look to geometric-shaped vases, planters, and lamp shades to create a more subtle nod toward the trend.



4. Warm Metallics

Copper, brass, and bronze are having a bit of a moment in home plan interiors. Everything from candle holders to curtain rails, hardware to trimmings seems to be available in warm metallic tones, straying away from harsh and cold silver shades. High-shine gold metals are deemed too ostentatious, and the brushed patina of copper and brass is seen as a more down-to-earth way of injecting an element of luxury into your home floor plan. The decorative and opulent aesthetic associated with an abundance of metallic elements in your home nods toward Regency styles, where warm colors and metallics were prevalent. Keep things minimal for a more contemporary look. 

This kitchen in a 5-bedroom, 4-1/2-bath Country-style Ranch house plan demonstrates the subtle use of metallics. The low-sheen patina of the brushed-nickel faucet set complements the brushed stainless steel of the appliances, and the low-lustre bronze hanging lights add to the muted elegance (Home Plan #163-1055).



5. Raw Materials

The use of salvaged wood, raw concrete, and exposed brickwork in a house plan is integral to creating an industrial aesthetic in the home. Furniture crafted from old scaffolding planks and pallets has become de rigueur and is a common sight in the floor plans of luxury loft apartments. From industrial coffee tables to box planters and rustic wooden shelves, reclaimed wood works best when combined with raw metals and urban greenery. The use of concrete for side tables, planters, vases, and lighting harks back to Brutalism, an architectural movement derived from the French word for “raw.” Add in plenty of plants and soft furnishings and fabrics to keep things from appearing too harsh and cold. 


Footnote: the lead photograph is from a Texas Ranch home plan with 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, and 1 half bath. For more information, click here (House Plan #117-1092)

March 17, 2016

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