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The Most Popular House Plans for Working Families


With the housing market in full swing, today’s younger buyers – working families – have preferences when it comes to building their dream home. The most popular house plans for young buyers today that are defined as the millennial generation, are plans with ease. Of these buyers, 76 percent are first-time homebuyers.


Here is the generational breakdown:

--  31% - Gen Y

--  30% - Gen X

--  16% - Younger

--  14% - Older Boomers

--  9% - Silent Generation


According to the National Association of Realtor’s 2014 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report, this generation wants easy-to-live-in homes with open concept plans ,that are open house plans (Right: The Plan Collection’s House Plan # 116-1081) with a spacious kitchen, energy efficient appliances, and open to the family and dining areas, and patio living, hardwood floors, or clean light tiles, lots of storage space and big closets, and they like colorful décor.


This modern four-bedroom house plan is available at The Plan Collection, and is styled after luxury beach homes in that the interior of the home faces the spacious pool and hot tub courtyard. Living and dining are divided by a textured glass wall, and open to the pool.


The same buyers also are working from home, so they need a bonus room for office space. The space can also be used as a guest room, when designed properly, for when in-laws or friends visit. This design, for instance, from The Plan Collection boasts

Inspired by the idea of living in nature, as opposed to living in urban cities, there are many young outdoor oriented home buyers that are opting to live lakeside in smaller homes like this one (LEFT: House Plan #16-1009)  from The Plan Collection (www.theplancollection.com), a three bedroom 1,235 sq. ft. lakeside cottage home with skylights and a window wall that ensure maximum daylight for the open concept vaulted living and dining areas. The decks are situated on both levels in order to capture all available views and encourage home owners and their guests to enjoy outdoor activities. The entire second level is the vaulted master bedroom suite.


Another thing that younger buyers are thinking about when building homes, thanks to the seriousness of climate change combined with rising costs for warming and cooling homes, is new methods for natural cooling and heating. The economic motivation for passive design and engineering is becoming more significant.


Interior spaces this year are showing more bold, graphic florals adding charm and vivid colors to interior designs, but again people are seeking comfortable open spaces that are easy. Some popular colors this year are turquoise, prints with a floral influence and light wood tones. And for those who are not afraid to show their taste, they are literally merging the outdoors and indoors with more outdoor designs for inside the house.

And when it comes to the relaxation for the Gen Y group, family bedrooms sport creativity. Large king-size beds and generous tall floor to ceiling windows are hot. 


But what about a unique custom headboard that can morph with the seasons? (Left) check out how NOYO Home Décor has created a custom slipcover headboard designed to make bedroom makeovers fun and very easy, with hundreds of designs for all ages, styles and headboard sizes.


For more information on the most popular house plans visit The Plan Collection.

House Plans for Working Families

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