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The Latest Hardware Trends for Your New Home

Whether you are building a new home, or revamping your current home, it’s a good idea to review the latest trends in hardware.  Just remember it is essential to first know what you’ll need and how you want the specific spaces to look – be it kitchen, bath or utility rooms like your laundry room or garage. Most people are most interested in the latest kitchen designs.


There is also a change in the air when it comes to basic things in your new home such as stairway railings. We are seeing wood railings being replaced with a fresh lighter approach using metal hardware such as featured in this stunning modern Plan Collection house 6,495 sq. ft. five bedroom 5 bath (plan # 161-1048) which features 10' ceiling on the first floor and 9' on second floor.


The style of hardware in your new home may also be influenced by the latest furniture-style cabinetry is another one of the top trends for 2015, which embraces the kitchen as the main hub of any home – a space the entire family enjoys, as opposed to simply a room for preparing and cooking food. 


Countertops have given way to sophisticated culinary zones with designed cabinetry that often includes paneling, open shelving, contrasting color schemes and, of course, the island. The goal is to go for a functional space with a design that feels warm, open and lived in.


Modern Day Kitchen Hardware

New homeowners will be pleased to hear that they are no longer limited to just stainless steel fixtures. While stainless steel, chrome or silver hardware have always been a favorite used in the kitchens in the past, they are being replaced with pewter and brushed-nickel fittings today. There are also luxury metallics – metals that are warmer metals, like bronze, copper and gold, providing a gleaming and fresh accent to almost any design. In fact, some designers are working in mid-century undertones, and more modern, including lots of natural textures, and an eclectic vibe with modern overtones and sophisticated gold hardware.


Bathroom Trends and Fixtures

Today’s contemporary bathrooms have gone through a major overhaul. Gone are the days with enclosed showers and hanging shower curtains. Contemporary soaking tubs are in … especially free-standing tubs. The old-style granite vanities in exchange for quartz countertops, and are most plans are now sporting new hardware and fixtures as well. In fact, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association's report this year, trends are for a clean, contemporary and simple – in other words, a modern, minimalist vibe.


The rule of thumb when planning the fixtures for your new house plan is wait and purchase them after the cabinets have been built, and the walls painted. Treat them as if they are accessories for the spaces in your new home.  Place the knobs, drawer pulls around the rooms where they will go, and see how they look in various lights – day and night – before you drill any holes.


For information on house plans, visit www.theplancolleciton.com


March 06, 2015

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