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Smart and Healthy House Plans Featuring Gyms, Spas, Pools and Courts

How many times have you wished you had a home with a spa or a gym?  No more long drive, parking, crowds, or other people on the machines. The idea of a home gym keeps popping up – especially every New Year when those with resolutions crowd local gyms. How convenient would it be to be able to get up, workout, then head of to work, without ever having to leave your home?                                      

Following are some ideas for ways to stay healthy if you are in the process of shopping for a house plan for your new home. Remember that most any plan can be modified to include a gym, spa or even a basketball court.                            

These homes available at The Plan Collection (www.theplancollection.com) feature a number of ways to inspire a healthy lifestyle:

Exercise Room. This one-story mountain retreat – a country style house plan (#161-1042) that features a great exercise room.

Indoor Swimming Pools and a Spa. Thanks to improved technologies and ventilation these days, you can enjoy exercising in the water year round, no matter where you live. Today’s indoor pools have fabulous spa amenities and luxury furnishings. You can get a workout and relieve the stress in the comfort of your own home.

Indoor basketball Court. Feel like shooting some hoops – any time of the day or night? You can if you build a basketball court into your new home like this floor plan (#129-1032) from The Plan Collection, which features an indoor sports court on the lower level. These indoor courts are about 30'x35' with ceilings heights a minumum of 17'.  Many homeowners add a thin carpet to the walls and an industrial gym carpet on the floor.  The carpeto help reduce the noise. Court activities in these indoor gyms include basketball, volleyball, raquetball, gymnastics, golf and dance.

Game Room and Bowling Alley. Basements make a great space for a game room.  You can build a bowling alley right in your own home. This is another great way to get plenty of (fun) exercise, and you can also add a billiards table to shoot some pool – then add a large screen TV for sports and it’s the ultimate man cave.

Because training and the equipment are constantly evolving, fitness enthusiasts are typically always going to be adding equipment, but in the end, most people who invest in home gyms believe they are worth it - not just for the convenience, but for better health.        

 •    You need to have enough vertical space to perform overhead-type exercises.

 •    Invest in a white board, for a training log to monitor progress. 

 •    Get an inexpensive countdown timer to track rest intervals. 

 •    Purchase adjustable dumbbells in order to perform a wide range of exercises.  

For more information on house plans with healthy custom options, visit house plans with a pool, homes with exercise rooms, or houses with in-home gyms.



January 27, 2015

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