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Small House Plans -- Big on Comfort!

Small House Plans with luxuries galore!

The common attitude today is that "Bigger is Better." People will do almost anything to own the biggest and the best. The homebuilding industry usually seems to follow this trend. When people think about Luxury Homes, they think that size equals luxury.

Recent trends, however, indicate that attitudes might be changing. People are beginning to be much more energy-conscious and as a result, our designs are evolving. All the time, you see people trading in their large SUV's for smaller, more economical hybrids. Attitudes of homeowners are changing as well. Not only do large homes cost much more to build; they can also be quite expensive to heat and cool. It seems like the homebuilding industry is beginning to lean toward designing smaller and more compact home plans.

The Plan Collection is pleased to present you with a large selection of Small House Plans. These are plans that are under 1500 square feet, but provide you with relaxing living spaces and phenomenal comfort.

Take a look at EDC-R1415. You get open living areas, inviting rest areas, all arranged to be functional and reduce wasted space. The greatest thing about this Craftsman House Plan is its wonderful character! EDC-R1415 may be small, but it holds nothing back when it comes to style!

You should check it out along with all of our other Small House Plans. Be sure to check back often, because we are adding new Small House Plans every day!

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