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Put Some Halloween Magic and Mystery in Your Home

Are Halloween Magic and Mystery in Your Home?

- Fun Tips for a Scary Look - 


Halloween is one of the most popular celebrations in the country and around the world We see it as a time to dress up in funny or frightening costumes, carve pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, go “trick or treating” for goodies, tell ghost stories, and seek out spooky houses with bats and witches. Halloween is all of these and much more. It is also a festival steeped in tradition, superstition and history that dates back to the ancient Celts.


With autumn in full swing and another Halloween around the corner, let’s really get into its spirit and look at how we can make our homes eerie masterpieces.



Fun and Whimsy with a Colonial Style Home


Just like the house in the movie Hocus Pocus (shown below), you can transform your colonial style home into something fun and whimsical on Halloween night. Flickering lamps with bat images on the windows seem like a lot of fun. Line up the pathway with pumpkins, then position a huge smiling jack-o-lantern at the front door. How about matching Halloween lanterns with spider etchings on the fence columns and cut-out black owls on the fence spikes?



Be creative and imaginative! Get your inspiration from Hocus Pocus and transform your home (left) into a Halloween haunt. (Plan 109-1050)


Here are some decorating ideas --- decorative lanterns (http://www.craftcorners.com/diy-paper-halloween-lanterns/), tea lights, and a jack-o-lantern.



Up the Spooky and Mysterious in a Victorian Design


From the pages of classic literature to horror films, the Victorian style home – with its turrets, towers, and gables – has historically been associated with the terrifying and eerie. If you have a Victorian style home, get into the spirit and create that mysterious and spooky atmosphere.


Imagine these frightening black silhouettes on your windows – witches, black cats, spider webs, bats, skeletons. Tea lights also work on the steps – but choose the scarier ones. Hang cobwebs on the walls along with creepy jack-o-lanterns. On the porch, position an old chair with a frayed cushion. Put a witch’s hat on the chair and stand a broomstick against the chair. Atop the tower and the roof, have a witch and black cat hovering over the entire house. Creepy enough?

Make this two-story Victorian style house a perfect scary Halloween home with some well-positioned decorations. (Plan 126-1050)  

spooky Halloween window   

You get the idea! For the eerie Halloween home, use silhouettes on the windows, tea lights, and lanterns on the steps.



Just the Basics for a Modern Home


You’ve caught the excitement of Halloween – but don’t want to go all out with the scary traditional adornments. You can still do “no-frills” Halloween décor around your home.  Hang big paper bats, spiders, or cats and lanterns on and around the front porch beams. Throw in a few pumpkins, broomsticks, and trolls’ hats on the porch. Scatter tea lamps around the courtyard. And you’re all set for All Hallows’ Eve!

Main image for house plan # 126-1540

This attractive two-story modern home can get into the Halloween mood with a few simple decorations. See photo below.  (Plan 126-1540) 

You can decorate your front door simply and still be part of the Halloween celebration.


Hanging lanterns are a nice touch – and, so are tea lamps. 


So, put on that Halloween costume, open your door and get ready for some "spooktacular" fun! 

October 29, 2014

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