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Planning Future Upgrades to Your New Home Plan

Home builders often get overwhelmed with the tasks associated with their new project, not to mention those who simply cannot afford to do it all right away.  After all, the swimming pool can wait, right?  There are some things that you may want to think about now for upgrading later.  Following are just a few of these ideas from The Plan Collection. (www.theplancollection.com)


The extra garage or storage space. Remember that you might want to purchase another car or two during your stay in your new home. Make sure there is enough room planned for this and or a storage area. Most people not only have more stuff than they realize, but they also collect things over time. Who wants to pay the storage companies anyway when you can plan ahead to add on to your own home.


Extend the stone or brick on your home.  Before construction on your new home plan begins is the best time to decide if you may want to extend the brick or stone masonry on your home at some later date. Usually the foundation must be poured differently, or the windows need to be framed out differently so adding them later is more challenging and costly than if you plan ahead.


Planning to add a walk out from a basement.  For those with a basement, when you are building your home is the time for a walk out to be installed, however, if you can’t afford it, at least add a window at the height of the door that you may want so down the road, a retro fit will be much easier and cheaper to install.


Add the pricey granite counter tops later.  If you are running out of funds, and cannot afford to install the fancy granite counter tops ion your kitchen, then plan ahead and add them later on after you have the $10k it will cost for the upgrade. Choose an inexpensive counter for now.  


Add a cable TV outlet in the master bathroom. Even if you cannot afford to add the fancy 560- inch television screen yet, at least have the outlets built into your new home now. Then you will be ready to use it when you get that extra Christmas bonus in a year or two.  It is an option that doesn’t cost much when you plan ahead.


Outdoor hot tub outlet.  It sounds simple, but if you already know you plan on adding  a hot tub and know where you want to place it, then go ahead and have your builder add a 220 outlet to the outside of your home now.


Wire for your home audio speakers.  You don’t need to have the builder install their speakers, as along as the wiring is in place and pulled down a little through the drywall, the speakers can be installed anytime.


Fire pits and/or BBQs. These use natural gas so a gas line can be planned and added now much easier than waiting to do it later, especially if you know where you will probably place them.


Add on environmentally friendly features. Make sure you have planned enough space and/or electrical outlets for the future – like when you install a trash compactor, then specific can for recycling to clear up the clutter without having to walk it all the way outdoors. 


Make sure to discuss any future thoughs or plans for modifications or add ons to your new home plan with your builder. For more informationoplease visit this modifications section at The Plan Collection.

December 02, 2014

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