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New Technologies for the Conscious Home Save Energy

Published March 18, 2014

The United States government is now requiring energy companies to figure out ways to save power and become more efficient.  Seems the last time they did this in automotive industry – we started seeing a lot of new solutions like gas-free cars! Enter thermostats and smoke detectors. Now consumers who are building a new home will be integrating the latest technologies into their modern house plan.


Today, companies like Google are seeking ways to take the smarts of smartphones and build them into everything else, including your home.  And now the company is setting great expectations for a world populated with Google-powered smart devices. Google has just acquired Nest Energy Services for $3.2 billion in cash. In case you did not hear, Nest’s first product was a smart thermostat that adjusts to a person’s living patterns. Nest basically offers a set of features that link up its smart thermostats with utility companies themselves.  The company’s Founder and CEO Tony Fadell invented the iPad at Apple.


Nest allows a handful of partnering utilities companies to save money on their energy bills by adapting a program that, via their thermostats, cuts power consumption during peak hours. They have actually put themselves in between energy providers and users, letting technology do the work behind the scenes. But speed is essential these days -- as many believe that innovation in core gadget lines like smartphones and televisions is coming to an end.


modern house plan thermostatThe Nest thermostat doesn’t just turn itself on and off by the human hand, but rather over time the Nest Learning Thermostat uses its sensors to train itself according to a person or family’s  comings and goings, making the network of Nests in homes across the U.S. becomes smarter. Therefore the value of these devices is in their interconnectedness. As the devices talk to each other, they build a picture of human behavior, anticipating what people want before they even know it.


It is about the technology of sensors and connectivity by Google. “With its product and design expertise, Nest provides Google an ideal platform for stretching the power of its own intelligent machines beyond the web and into the Internet of things.”


Nest will not be stopping with the thermostat and the smoke detector but will more than likely be reinventing all the technologies people use every day in their homes to make these smarter. Fadell is calling this the new “conscious home.” So anyone looking at modern house plans for the future can expect some pretty cool new technologies that will be built into it, thanks to this company.


Google has long been making investments into the energy business, and not stopping with the home, it may head into the future world of hardcore infrastructure. If Nests thermostat can help us be smarter about how we use energy at home, just imagine what the future could bear if Nest addresses the entire energy grid.




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