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Modern House Plans at their BEST!

New Modern-Style House Plans

Back in 2007, we started selling a remarkable Modern House Plan by Dan Tyree known simply as "The Barbados." Right from the beginning, we knew we had something phenomenal on our hands. Seemingly overnight, the Barbados became one of our most popular house plans. People absolutely fell in love with its unique style and thoughtful layout.

The only problem with the Barbados (if you can call it a "problem") is that it's a bit larger than what the average homeowner is looking for. People seemed to be emailing us almost every day, asking if the plan could be made smaller. Unfortunately, reducing the square footage of a house plan can be a very expensive and involved process; however, Dan Tyree was able to strike gold again -- with the Barbados Mini! Dan was able to design a brand new house plan that was half the size of the original Barbados, but the two plans still looked almost identical from the exterior.

Since the initial success of the Barbados and the Barbados Mini, there have been numerous spin-offs -- everything from a single bedroom getaway to a Barbados-themed apartment complex. You should check them out sometime, but today I want to introduce you to the newest member of the Barbados Family -- The Ganache!

The Ganache is a stylish modern two-story home with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a swimming pool and much, much more. The Ganache will charm you with its courtyard garden right outside of the master suite, and at the same time the 20' ceiling in the theater is certain to amaze. One of the greatest features, however, is that the Ganache is actually smaller than even the Barbados Mini! With something this stylish and this sustainable, who could say no?

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