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Modern Comfort and Style

As you can tell, this Modern Home Plan is the Skiatook. This is one book that is safe to judge by its cover. You can tell that it's got a lot of style just by watching the 3D video, but I want to take some time to tell you just how comfortable and livable it is on the inside.

The Skiatook is impressive from the very first moment that it comes into view, but it just keeps getting better. As a guest, you would immediately notice the awesome two-story glass foyer greeting you as you approach the house, but you would also find that the Skiatook is unique in several ways. Unlike many homeplans, the first story of the Skiatook is devoted mostly to bedrooms; Bedroom 2, in particular, is very nice. At 17' 6" x 13' 6", you definitely won't be feeling cramped; but you also get a monstrous walk-in clost, a private bath, and sliding doors leading out to a private porch.

There is a pretty big family room on the main floor, but most of the entertaining will be done upstairs. Since this is the case, older homeowners (and the occasional mother with her arms full of groceries) are sure to appreciate the elevator.

Like I said, the thing that really sets the Skiatook apart is the fact that the hang-out areas are all located upstairs, and they all have a very open, glassy feel to them -- especially the 25' x 22' living room; it even has an angled glass railing separating it from the dining room and kitchen area.

Speaking of the kitchen, it is very open and has a huge island -- perfect for informal family meals. The Skiatook also has an amazing sundeck/balcony on the second level.

The Skiatook is one of the few house plans that is able to successfully mingle great modern style with convenient modern living. It's not at all surprising to find out that the Skiatook was created by the same great designer who brought you classics such as the Barbados and all of its cousins. You should take some time to look at the entire collection. Seriously, Check it out!

July 16, 2009

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