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Log House Plans Step by Step

Last updated October 28, 2019

Log Houses are generally sought after for their rustic appeal. The exposed raw material blends in with nature’s landscape and gives a feeling of being one with your surroundings. The great outdoors is the main inspiration for the overall design of all log home plans.

To truly capture the connection between nature and your log home, you’re plan will need a few key features. A successful log cabin has everything you need to create an indoor/outdoor natural environment. The designers followed this simple recipe:

Step 1: Transition

Your land is a valuable asset and should be enjoyed by your family and friends. To take full advantage or your very own outdoor home, create a transition between your house and your lot. A covered wrap-around porch is the perfect example of this. Patios are great as well, and plenty of windows help.

Step 2: Natural Light

The sun is the most abundant resource we have, and it’s the best way to light your home. Take advantage of a sunny opportunity with large windows. Wrap-around porches are nice, but they create a lot of shade. Place windows above these porches to distribute light throughout the house. Dormers are great for this. Skylights are a big advantage, too, and should be used whenever convenient.

Step 3: Friendly Open Spaces

A tight floor plan makes you feel like you’re inside without escape. An open area lets you be indoors without feeling closed in. High ceilings help accomplish this effect. Make your kitchen a centerpiece with beautiful design and plenty of storage. The chef likes to take part in the action, so why close him/her off? The open plan lets people be together, improves air circulation, and creates a friendly atmosphere.

Step 4: Enjoy

NDGJB-1016, like many of our log house plans and cabins, is large and roomy enough for year-long enjoyment. The big open rooms allow a social ambiance that extends beyond the walls to exterior porches and patios. An upper loft even makes room for an escape from the hustle and bustle and a good place to chaperone a party. Take out the party and you’ve got a peaceful coalition with your outdoor surroundings.

Log home plans are a unique integration with nature. Check out collection of log house plans and log cabins. Let us know what you find, what you can’t find, and what your dream log cabin home plan would be.


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