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Kid-Proofing Your Home: House Plans with Mudrooms

Now that kids are back in school, families who are getting ready to build a new home are thinking about house plans that not only look good but are practical. After all, no matter what part of the country you live in, kids love to get into the dirt. That’s why a mudroom is probably a top priority for most families. A mudroom is a bridge between the great outdoors and your home; most likely the bathtub, when kids come running into the house after playing outside. Your house can get messy... with footprints, handprints and muddy messes. A mudroom helps solve these issues, not to mention many other organizational challenges such as where to keep boots, jackets, scarves, rain gear, pet leashes, and more.


A functional space, the mudroom is primarily space with coat racks and storage space; a place to button coats, put on hats, and lace up boots. A mud room can accommodate wet or dirty clothing as family members enter the home. This is not typically a space where any family member lingers, yet, it is a room that gets a lot of traffic.


You will also need more storage space, to stow away all the cumbersome kid’s toys. A mud room ends up being a great place to dump dirty clothes and muddy shoes, as well as bags, and if there is a sink, your kids can clean up a bit. In the end, this room helps some of the messes families make when they are coming indoors.


As you look at the best designs for your new house plan, remember the following tips:


  • Paneling is a great way to protect walls in a mud room.
  • The entryway in mudroom must be easy to maintain so using tumbled brick in a herringbone pattern provides appeal.
  • Tile flooring is also a practical choice that makes for easy cleanup no matter what the season.
  • Wood paneling and darker colored oor tiles provide warmth and practicality.
  • Vintage gym lockers are perfect storage cubbies in a mudroom. Purchased at a store with used office equipment and mounted on the wall and off the oor, there’s extra storage room underneath for shoes, and room on top for baskets to stow blankets, picnic baskets, and other items less frequently used.
  • The mudroom can also double as a pet room where the family cat’s litterbox can be housed, and dogs can have a private area for grooming or a bed.
  • Add deep built-in drawers for supplies.
  • Build in a countertop for folding laundry, storage cabinets, and add a washer/dryer, and you have a functioning dual-purpose laundry room.
  • Here are some additional mudroom and storage tips in your new house plan.


Build the Master Suite Close to the Kids Bedroom


If you have young kids, you may want to build your master bedroom near the children’s rooms to be fast on your feet in case of all the reasons kids wake up crying: thunderstorms, drinks of water or nightmares, etc.


The Plan Collection features many homes with the master suite near the kid’s rooms, enabling a shorter a walk when you need to check for monsters under the bed. You’d be best served to look for a three bedroom two bath home, minimum.


If you have teenagers, then you will probably want to purchase a plan with segregated space so they can play music, and hang out with their friends.


Make sure the house plan you choose has one of the popular open kitchens. Look for one that is open to the dining and living areas, which makes it easier to keep a watchful eye on the kids while they access the Internet. Also, remember that an outdoor screened-in area are is great (and safer) for younger kids.  


You will also need a large laundry room for washing clothes, and hanging things out to dry.


A big pantry will also handle bulk shopping, which can be a more economical way to shop if you have a large family.


Finally, a large garage can handle trikes, bikes, and play equipment. Not only that, internal access to your garage makes it easy to load or unload your car during bad weather.


Just remember that when you shop for an online house plan, there are many plans that are designed especially for families, large and small. 

August 12, 2015

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