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Integrating the Best Technology into Your House Plan


In 2015, it will be the year of home automation thanks to the rapid adoption of smart phone technology for home automation.  More and more people building new homes want smart home features s they can control their spaces and lives better – increasing energy efficiency and saving water, preventing burglaries, even accidents at home – but also  having some fun watching and listening to wireless entertainment.


According to the Pew Research Internet Project, the smart home market is supposed to hit $12.8 billion by the year 2017 in North America plus Europe. This very rapid growth of smart home technology is tied to the large number of people with mobile devices; 90 percent of American adults have a cellphone; 58 percent have a smartphone; while there are 42 percent who use tablets.


No longer simply a cool novelty, home connectivity is now commonplace, enabling people to stay connected their homes while at work or on vacation.  In our digital age today’s homeowner is embracing smart home technology to assist with home security and safety, water usage, energy and entertainment. Homes are more secure and efficient than ever before, and people are saving money on utilities.


This year’s National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) show on January 20, 2015 in Las Vegas features The New American Home is seamless, organic design highlighting nature’s strong and delicate forms. The indoor outdoor elements make connectivity essential – and invites how home owners.



Following are some of this year’s trends in smart home automation and technology:



Smart Security Systems
Security systems today feature the home safety and efficiency being executed via iyour smart phone from anywhere anytime. Video cameras can inform you as to when the kids get home from school, while fire alarms are also integrated into the system to warn you of any sign of smoke, including carbon monoxide fumes.  Homes may actually be safer than ever before.



Cooling and Heating
The typical American home devotes half its energy to the cooling and heating systems, states the U.S. Department of Energy. Today there are tech-savvy solutions like programmable thermostats that cut utility bills. These alone can save a homeowner up to $180 per year in energy utility costs. Most of these new smart thermostats enable the homeowner to make temperature changes remotely from their smartphone. One perk is the  energy statistics to help homeowners control overall costs.


Look for zoned cooling or heating systems that deal with certain parts of  your depending on when and where your family spends most of their time.



Conserving Water
We are all now used to low-flow toilets and shower heads.  Nowadays, technology is taking water usage and conservation to the next level – today’s eco water treatment systems are enhanced by Wi-Fi technology. These systems soften and treat the water in new homes today, monitor water usage, then let the homeowner know when softener salt is required. Alerts are sent if potential problems arise, like continuous water flow over a period of time. It helps save money on utility bills, prevents some expensive repairs, and provides peace of mind.


In summary, there are a myriad of new technology products for the new home. Do the research before you purchase a house plan, then make certain that you discuss all these issues with your builder.




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