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ICF Construction Home Plans, and Home Designs

Insulated Concrete Form house plans

Home Plan #GHD-2048

ICF Construction Plans:(not all these are ICF plans, read for more info)

We have recently had a lot of requests for ICF(Insulated Concrete Form) construction plans. This designer that we feature on The Plan Collection has a lot of plans designed for ICF construction. The link above and this link HERE shows their home plan gallery. Not all of there plans are ICF construction. It will tell you in the home plan description if it is ICF construction. We at The Plan Collection are working on making ICF plans accesible from our "Detailed Plan Search". This should make them a lot easier to find on our website when they are categorized together. In this gallery, if the plan is between GHD-2002 and GHD-2079 numerically, than most likely it is an ICF house plan. Again, please check the plan descriptions for confirmation. Please contact us if you have any questions on our plans. Thanks and have a fun time searching for that perfect plan!

June 27, 2005

House Plans

Insulated Concrete Form

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