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House Plans with Photos

House Plan Photos

Everybody knows that purchasing a house plan can be a pretty big investment. Just think about how terrible it would be if you spent all that money on a plan, only to find out that a particular area wasn't exactly what you thought it was going to be. That would be a sickening experience. You really want to make sure you know exactly what youre purchasing.

Most of our house plans are depicted with an artist's rendering -- basically a drawing of the home as viewed from an exterior angle. Some of these drawings are very detailed, and some of them are rendered with the aid of a computer, so they look very detailed. But there will always be a slight difference between a rendering (no matter how detailed and precise) and the actual home. It just feels different. And then there are the floor plans....

When you're looking at a floor plan, do you ever have a hard time visualizing a certain room or area? Lets be honest; it can be really hard to "get a feel" for a home when all you have to go by is just a black and white floor plan with a few basic dimensions.

That's why actual photos of the homes are so important. People really like to see photos. It's hard to get a feel for home unless you can see an actual living version of it, but it is much easier when you can see a full color photo showing a room that has been furnished and decorated or a picture of the home taken from an angle, showing the entire fa├žade and its relation to the surrounding yard. It's amazing how much more intimate a home can look when you have actual photos.

We at The Plan Collection are always looking for new ways to help make your search easier. That's why we have been going through our entire archive of house plans, specifically marking the house plans with photos. We've made it through more than half of our plans and have marked over 1,500 house plans with photos -- we're really hoping this makes your search that much simpler.

Now, bear in mind that the majority of these plans only offer a single photo of the home from the exterior, but there are still quite a few of them have multiple photos showing the home from many different angles, as well as interior photos. And were getting new photos all the time.

If you only want to look for House Plans with photos, all you have to do is go into our Advanced House Plan Search and select the Color Photos option. That way you'll be able to see all of our house plans that are available with color photos. You should really check it out!

June 30, 2010

House Plans

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House Plans with Photos

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