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Homes with Gyms Inside: Smart - and Healthy

As requested by our resident homebuilder here at The Plan Collection... Here are some great house plans with Gyms inside. One of these homes was designed specifically for a lot that had a tremendous slope to it. It was a good example of creating a design that took advantage of the conditions of a lot that generally would make it very hard to build on. Jaren and I worked on this design together and came up with a great plan that takes full advantage of mountain views, made a steep lot functional for gatherings and even got a gym in the home out of it. Take a look at the plans:

Floor plan of this home with an indoor gym on the lower level

Above: House Plan #129-1020 with an indoor gym located on the lower level. Click image to see the full plans for this home. Click image above to see the rest of the floor plans and exterior images.


Floor plan of this country style house with indoor Sports Court

Above: Floor plan from House Plan #129-1032 showing the indoor sports court on the lower level.



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