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Trends in Home Decorating and House Plans

New trends that forecast colors for 2014 indicate we will be seeing bright, bold and adventurous colors next year as opposed to the white, gray, cream brown or black. According to interior design and New Jersey-based color expert Barbara Schirmeister, the new trends reflect a more hopeful and improved economic forecast. What this means is that we will be seeing a mixed palette of more vibrant colors and patterns, much of which is targeting the youth market.


The trend carries over to early stage home buyers, according to Brian Toolan at The Plan Collection. As people buy property and begin looking at house plans for building their dream homes, they also tend to focus on interior design, design, style and color palettes, so there is a synergistic approach to the entire prospect of building a home. It appears as if people are trending towards quality, craftsman style homes, with natural wood or stone complimented by interior design that adds color, life and a more contemporary flair.


During more recent years homeowners tended to be more cautious about interior design, choosing more conservative designs, styles and colors that were safe with a longer “shelf life” so to speak, and that would last a long while.  Therefore the colors have been in the range of whites, grays and creams.


Today younger home owners are leaning towards incorporating more natural aspects – like wood flooring and cabinetry, along with furnishings. They are using more bold colors in fabrics while incorporating the latest technologies – mirroring what is going on in society. The bold colors mean that people just simply want to be noticed, and on a subconscious level, warm colors with red and yellow hues indicate confidence, whereas the cooler tones of green or blue reflect inner peace.


Western craftsman house planTrends in house plans also show more interest in details such as wood, trims and moldings, as well as outdoor decks, patios and screened-in porches.  Stone, tile and many other natural construction materials are on the rise, with  a return to interest in building the craftsman style home. Arts and crafts style homes feature exposed beams, and rafter ends in the eaves, along with triangle shaped trim pieces in the gables and shed dormers. Many times a craftsman home is built with a stone or rock foundation, with either wood or stone siding and a masonry chimney.


Whether one is building a smaller bungalow size craftsman home or a larger one, the size of the home becomes less important than the craftsmanship, architectural styling and quality of the home.


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September 09, 2013

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