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I just know that there are several of you out there who will run into my humble green blog and wonder (as cliché as this approach may be) "How can I go green?" or "How can I find green products?" The answer is kind of hard unless you know where to go. So here are a few sources that I've found useful.

  • Building Green: these guys are truly a neutral party. They don't accept advertising, so they're unbiased in their reports. Go to www.buildinggreen.com
  • United States Green Build Council: or the USGBC. They are the nationally accepted authority on green buildings. They have a certification program that is the benchmark for ecologically friendly building. Their resources are invaluable. Go to www.usgbc.org
  • Green and Save: an experienced architect's new project. Charlie Szoradi has 20+ years in green architecture and shows how long different green products take to pay for themselves. Go to www.greenandsave.com

These are just a few that I like. They have a lot of technical data, and a lot of easy to read stuff. You'll also find plenty of conferences and classes that usually come at a small cost. Check them out. Let me know what you think.

February 13, 2008

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