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Great Photos of a Great Plan

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We just got some fresh pics from one of our favorite designers. The house shown is the Plan 153-1781, a great solution for mainstream suburbia. The house is built with practically no modifications, which makes it nice for comparison with the plan. Check out the beautiful pictures below.


Great room


The great room is wide open with an eating bar at the kitchen. Though the plans won’t come with any decoration packages, the designer has a Design Plan in a Can for sale.




The kitchen is probably my favorite part of this house. It’s plenty large and packs a whole lot of storage. The style here is great. I love the industrial look of the ceiling in contrast to the more traditional feel of the granite countertops and wood floor.


Den - Computer Room


This is the computer alcove on the balcony. This is a great use of space, and it keeps the computer out of sight, yet public for monitoring use.


Bonus Room


The bonus room is a great concept. Leave it unfinished for a less expensive build. When you’ve got the time and the money, vuala! You end up with a lovely addition that can suite any family and any style.



May 27, 2008


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