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Décor Trends: How to Use Color to Enhance Your House Plan


What colors are hot for 2015 and 2016? Whether you live in Majorca, Malibu or Montecito (or just wish you did), the bold colors that you might find in those home are becoming all the rage. We find that many of these "hot" colors are ideal for a Spanish-style house when creating the perfect place to feel stylishly “en casa.” 


The Colors for 2015 and 2016?

Marsala. Sandstone. Buttercup. Fiesta. And more...


Why Ideal with Spanish Archictecture? 

Indeed, the clean white walls, neutral tiles and dark wood beams often found in Spanish-style homes are ideal invitations to regularly mix it up with your personal design touches - and that certainly goes for working with color. Spanish-style homes gracefully mix and integrate outdoor and indoor spaces with patios and sheltered interior facing courtyards, often with water features like fountains; tile, stone and cobbled floors; and stucco exteriors and terracotta roofs. While Spanish-style architecture style is a Southwestern US classic, you don’t need to feel boxed in only sticking to interior design.



This Spanish house plan (#134-1339) has Mediterranean influences. The double door entrance leads to an open courtyard, while inside, the floor plan has defined rooms but also an open-style layout. And, color is one of the easiest ways to update or put a personal stamp on your new Spanish-style home—fresh coats of paint plus pops of color with pillows, window treatments, lighting or rugs create personal statements. With all the colors of the rainbow, however, choosing a new color palette can be a daunting task.


Great Resources for Getting the Right Look.

Perhaps the most definitive place to turn is Pantone, the global color authority and provider of professional color standards for the design industries. Elle Decor reports that the top colors for 2015 included Marsala (an inviting warm, rosy red, like the wine, and voted #1 for 2015), Sandstone (natural without being too neutral, and great for cabinets), Treetop (think bright, beautiful glossy leaves), Tangerine (a juicy orange shade) and Scuba Blue (a bright turquoise).


Pantone annually releases Pantone View for the interior and fashion design industries, announcing which colors each year are “the new black.” Here’s a peek into how the design industry makes the decisions about what color wall coverings and sofas we’ll find in the stores: Pantone reveals how they determine the year's top colors.


Eyeing Color Trends for 2016.

If you want to get a jump on 2016 trends and have a Spanish-style home, you’re in luck because many of the hottest hues for the coming year are can’t-miss vibrant shades that are a perfect fit in any Spanish-style home. What to try? Options for top Pantone colors for 2016 homes and interiors include Buttercup (a bright sunny yellow), Fiesta (a fiery red), Green Flash (a bright, mid-range green) and Snorkel Blue (a deep but vibrant ocean blue) bring the outdoors in. Mix unexpected brights together, whether with contrasting walls, pillows or throws, multicolored dishware and on your dining room chairs. 


Just because you have a Spanish-style house doesn’t mean you can only decorate with a Spanish accent.  Don’t be afraid to venture beyond what you might think of as accepted or typical décor. The Mexico home of Los Angeles residents Robert Willson and David Serrano, who own the LA interiors shop called Downtown, breaks the rules with French antiques, a Venetian grotto chair and whimsical modern art.


Décor in musician Sheryl Crow's Spanish-style home in the Hollywood Hills, documented here by Architectural Digest, spans decades and countries, including vintage dressmaker’s forms from Venice, club chairs from a Paris flea market and a 19th-century American “boneshaker bicycle hung on a wall. Crow’s dog Oscar, pictured in the slideshow, loves to hang out in front of the house, built in 1926. “It has a peaceful feeling,” Crow says of this house, “like a monastery or ashram.”


Especially in places like Florida or the Southwest, Spanish-style architecture feels so indigenous and natural to the landscape that each home becomes a blank canvas on which to indulge your creativity. Have fun!



October 11, 2015

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