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Craftsman Bungalow House Plans

There has been a lot of buzz lately about craftsman and bungalow house plans, so we’re ready to show you what they’re talking about. Craftsman home DD-3608 is a good way to start.

Craftsman home plans start with an old world charm and quality that honor the artisans that brought them to us. This architecture cut out all the fluff of the Victorian era and gave the average citizen something they could appreciate: craftsmanship. This rudimentary design offers a close up on the raw beauty of the material. Stone and wood combine to create a natural art piece, something that doesn’t need to be polished and kept on a shelf. The charm that comes from our craftsman house plans is that blue collar quality, that humble elegance that can only be seen when we clear away all the extras.

This particular design conforms to contemporary lifestyle. The open main rooms give a healthy environment to your entertaining, and offer the flexibility of multipurpose capabilities. The size of the house is also a strong point for many reasons. It’s big enough to live in, but small enough to afford. The smart design makes it feel bigger than it really is, and the smaller footprint means more nature to enjoy. DD-3608 is an affordable, efficient, and charming home for you and your family.

February 19, 2008

craftsman house plans

craftsman home plans

bungalow house plans

bungalow home plans

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