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Country Kitchen

Published June 20, 2007


Perhaps the most classic culinary setting is the Country Kitchen. This style graces the entire nation and is deeply rooted in history. Kitchens haven’t been around for very long as kitchens. They used to be hearth rooms and a work table. Early kitchens had cupboards for storage and wash basins. The pantry housed the food and spices, and was a completely separate room. As the kitchen was a work place, it was closed off from the rest of the house. The dining took place in a separate room. Sounds country to me! In today’s modern world, it’s almost completely different.

Even very modern kitchens borrow from the classic kitchens of America’s heartland. Sinks now resemble wash basins. Hardware is often finished in rustic oil-rubbed bronze or satin nickel. Hardwood floors are still very popular, and stone countertops are considered a status symbol. All of this reflects upon perhaps the most widely popular, and the first, kitchen there has ever been, the Country Kitchen.

These candlesticks bring in an older, more classic feel.
This hardware follows the organic lines found in a garden.

What makes a great Country Kitchen? First, you must think plans, and a great rule of thumb is size. The whole kitchen doesn’t need to be huge, but you do need it to feel light and airy. The best kitchens have islands, so make sure there is plenty of room to walk around others working at the counters. Colors and windows have a large effect as well. If your kitchen isn’t so large, then try and place some windows nearby and choose lighter colors. Keep wood tones lighter as well. Let the floor be darker, and don’t be afraid of a few darker accents here and there, but the main feel needs to be light. A separate pantry will do wonders as they'll keep your kitchen from looking cluttered.

Nothing says 'Country' more than a few red apples.
These simple stools, island leg, and bead board give this kitchen its character.

Try and bring in some garden elements. Flowers and produce work great, but any way to bring the country to your countertop will add to the feel. Get some old fashioned milk jugs. They’d make a great vase, and they hold milk pretty well too.

The pictures above show one of our great country house plans with a great country kitchen. DD-2939 is a house that loves the fresh air, the scenic views, and is welcoming to all. We have a whole library of country home plans that emphasize the charming life in the country. With a little help from The Plan Collection, you’ll soon be in a country paradise of your own!

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