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Cape Cod House Plans: Smart Home Design

Cape Cod Style Home
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Many of us may have had a Cape Cod style home as our fist home since they are generally smaller in size and more affordable. These smaller homes became very popular in the 1920's and allowed thousands of people the opportunity to own a home. Many of these homes were left unfinished in the attic and later finished as families could afford it. Some of the most prominent features of Cape Cod style homes are: · Small rectangular sizes designed for small families. · 1.5 story structures with gables roofs and usually two or more small dormers. · The exteriors vary from brick, wide clapboard siding and sometime stucco. · Usually the garages on Cape Cod style homes are detached and positioned towards the rear of the home. · These homes often had fireplaces with masonry chimneys. The 1-½ story style of a Cape Cod home is often found in plans categorized as Country style or farmhouse style homes. Since these homes are in a more rural setting large covered porches are often times added. Cape Cod style house plans have been a significant part of our country's history since many soldiers returning from World War II were assisted by the government with guaranteed loans and low interest rates to purchase them. These homes were often referred to as GI (general issue) homes because of the government programs that helped the soldiers get back into the workforce and enjoy the benefits of home ownership.

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