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Advantages of Purchasing Pre-Drawn House Plans

Rather than buying a house, you decide to build your dream home because you want it to be everything you want it to be. Theres nothing wrong with showing your own creativity. You start with purchasing the building site and noting the details you want for your dream home. The possibilities are limitless and you have to take the size, location, and budget into consideration. Not to mention the special amenities and features that may crop up during the design process. If you havent already begun, soon you will realize you need a set of house plans either through working with an architect to build a from scratch home design or working with a set of pre-drawn house plans that can be customized.

A custom designed home can take up to ten times longer compared to pre-drawn or pre-drawn home plans. It is a common misconception for new home owners to believe that they will be living in a carbon copy home if a pre-drawn home plan is used. There are a variety of impressive pre-drawn home plans to choose from which includes the most updated room dimensions, layout, and amenities.

Pre-drawn or stock home plans, just as the name implies are pre-drawn so you can visualize your needs. These plans are drawn by an architect or professional house designer with many years of experience in the industry. The process is less time consuming as the design professional will just need to incorporate the owners specific requests in addition to the overall house design.

Here are just some of the advantages of buying pre-drawn home plans:

1. Significantly, pre-drawn home plans are less expensive. Home owners can purchase a pre-drawn home plan with minimal purchase process.

2. Home owners can have thousands of custom home plans to choose from.

3. Families will get exactly what they want in their home.

4. Either the original house designer or a local designer can do minor modifications for a minimal cost.

5. Pre-drawn floor plans can come with a list of the recommended building materials to help home owners with their building budget and eliminate unnecessary costs. These estimates can be included for a particular house plan chosen by the home owners in the area where they want to build the home.

6. The plan has typically been built numerous times before and thus tested and likely to be given permit in a shorter amount of time and has met the necessary building codes. Builders find it more comfortable to use pre-drawn home plans because they are confident with the house design and would less likely to make changes in the middle of the construction.

The flexibility of building with a pre-drawn home plan as opposed to a customized one can be significant. The same quality and style can be expected but with outmost convenience not only for the home owner but for the contracted builder as well. Pre-drawn home plans are more conducive, less time consuming and less expensive which will help home builders to stay within their budget. We at The Plan Collection are here to help make your dream home into a reality.

December 16, 2011

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