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A Modern Delight!

Last updated August 16, 2019


Have you ever fallen in love with a set of house plans, only to find out that they are too big for your budget? It seems like we talk to someone every single day that is facing that dilemma. Sadly, most of the time, there is nothing we can do to help them.

Luxury floor plan layout with pool area, theater, and detached garage.


Let's face it; it is extremely difficult to reduce the square footage of a home without reducing the livability. You can't just reduce a plan by 25 or 30%, because that would mean that the ceilings, doors, and hallways would also shrink by 25-30%. You also can't just pick and choose a few rooms that you could do without -- this can either leave gaping holes in the floor plan or totally change the exterior style of the home. The only way that you can really get a smaller home with the same great style is to have the home entirely re-thought and re-designed, and that takes a lot of time and money.



We at The Plan Collection are happy to present you with a solution to this problem (at least for one of our most popular house plans): House Plan #116-1067: The Barbados and House Plan # 116-1032: The Barbados Mini.

Smaller Modern Home Plans


Now, with the Barbados Mini, you can get the same great modern style in a much smaller package! The original Barbados is one of our most sought-after Modern House Plans, but because of its monstrous size (nearly 5,000 square feet), people were always asking us if there was any way to shed a few thousand square feet. Now, thanks to a few thoughtful changes, we can offer you the more manageable 2,592 square foot Barbados Mini.


A careful look at the floor plans shows that a few options have been left out, but the overall quality and style of the home remains. I could go on for hours pointing out the subtle nuances of these spectacular house plans, but you might want to check them out yourself!


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