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2016 Color Trends for Interiors

You’ve probably come across this year’s Pantone Colors of the Year, Rose Quartz and Serenity, and not even known it. But there’s much more to color trends in 2016, especially for those who don’t favor pastels in their home plan. Read on to discover this year’s essential colors for interiors that you can incorporate into your dream house plan.



Rose Quartz and Serenity

Pantone’s colors of the year (lead image) can be spotted across the fashion and textiles industry, not just interiors, picking up on the current cultural zeitgeist. This year sees two colors achieving the honor for the first time; the warm Rose Quartz and the cool Serenity. Used together, the two hues create the perfect balance, casting out gender stereotypes and focusing on a harmonious sense of balance. No longer colors reserved for a home plan's nursery, these soft pink and blue shades appear modern and stylish in any room in the house. We especially love the combination of Rose Quartz with copper accessories in a living area, and a tranquil Serenity and white kitchen combined with pale wood.



Bold Blues

We always get excited when major paint manufaturers  like Benjamin Moore, Pratt & Lambert, Sherwin Williams, and Farrow & Ball announce their new paint colors for the year, and 2016 was no exception. Take Farrow & Ball, a high-end paint manufacturer with showrooms in major cities in the US. Whereas last year was all about gray walls, 2016 has heralded a trend for statement blue paint, with Farrow & Ball releasing not one but two bold blue hues. Vardo is a vibrant and fun turquoise shade that will help to add a splash of color to your home; paired with white it will work with modern minimalism, or teamed with gray it will emit an air of elegance. Inchrya blue, meanwhile, adds a stylish, somewhat moody aesthetic to a room, providing an update to last year’s trend for charcoal walls.

The new blue-toned colors Vardo blue (left) and Inchrya blue (right) are vibrant and moody, respectively.


All Natural

Pure white walls in a floor plan have become boring, after the trend for Scandinavian design and distaste towards magnolia created an abundance of white walled homes. It is true that white walls create the perfect blank canvas for a home plan, but white is becoming much more interesting in 2016. So much so that manufacturers have launched new shades of white that can be used on their own or placed upon adjoining walls to create more of a textured aesthetic to a room. Darker whites take out any yellow or blue tinges that white can sometimes contain, hinting towards the soft shade when pure white is enveloped in shadow. And some new white shades are even darker natural white that strays further away from cream hues.

The dark white walls in this family room of a 1-story, 5-bedroom, 4-bath Craftsman-style Luxury house plan eliminate yellow tones and pick up the charcoal  and dark shades of the furnishings (Plan #161-1042).



Pops of Color

If you want to create a bit more of a bold statement in your home plan, consider punctuating a neutrally hued room with flashes of jewel tones such as emerald green, bright yellow, magenta and cobalt blue. White walls, wooden floors, and contemporary streamlined furniture in the floor  plan will be given a thoroughly modern twist when combined with a rainbow of scatter cushions, lampshades, and ornaments. This trend works particularly well when combined with statement geometric prints, and will create more of a statement the more colors are added into the mix. 


The image is from Pantone's Colors of the Year. For more information, click here.

March 10, 2016

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