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14 Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

Published March 01, 2017

Avoid Clutter and Create a More Usable Kitchen!


For many homeowners, adding more kitchen storage can seem like an impossible task. After all, there’s only so much usable space, so how can you possibly fit everything in there and still keep it organized?


The answer is actually much simpler than you might think. With a little bit of creativity and some clever use of common household items, you can add more space to your kitchen than you ever thought possible. Here are 14 of the best creative kitchen storage ideas to help you declutter, organize and create the kitchen of your dreams – without having to do any remodeling.




1. The Almighty Pegboard 

Pegboards are one of the most useful and versatile tools for any home organization project, and they are easily one of the best additions you can make to your kitchen, especially if you have a great kitchen with a lot of wall space. The beauty of pegboards is that you can fully customize them to match both your space and your needs. Whether you’re working with a tiny spot above the stove or an entire kitchen wall, you can easily cut the board to fit in the space.

Pegboard storage in kitchen

The design and layout options are near limitless with pegboards, so you can truly customize it to match your kitchen and your needs (courtesy A Beautful Mess). 


Once you have the board mounted, you simply pop in some hooks and start hanging anything from spatulas and scissors to kitchen gadgets and small pans. The options are virtually endless, especially when you think about painting the board to add some extra color to your kitchen design.




2. Hang All Those Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are an essential part of any kitchen, but they tend to take of a lot of valuable cabinet or counter space. Try out a hanging solution, such as hooks mounted under a cabinet, to give you a dedicated place to store the mugs. It’s also a great way to make an eat-in kitchen feel cozier and more inviting.

Coffee cup storage in kitchen

Hanging can also give you the chance to put your mugs on display, especially if they are part of a set or have their own unique appearance (coutesy Etsy). 




3. Set Up Some Secret Sink Storage

In many kitchens, the cabinet that holds the sink features a stationary panel that matches the style of the drawers. If you’re up for a little DIY work, you can actually detach this panel and create your own secret drawer to hold all of your sink necessities – sponges, scrubbing brushes, and towels. It keeps the sink top clutter free and ensures that you always have easy access to everything that you need to wash dishes. Many cabinet manufacturers offer this option – or a fit to retrofit the panel before you install it.

Flip-down storage in front of kitchen sink

This secret fold-out drawer will help you keep those unsightly sponges and brushes out of sight, but still within reach (courtesy HGTV). 




4. Fill Open Shelves with Bins

Open shelves are one of the biggest trouble zones when it comes to kitchen storage because the large amount of space is hard to keep neat. Instead of filling the shelves with large pots or small items, fill them with bins and baskets so that you can create your own organizational system. Each bin can hold a specific item, such as sugar packets for your morning coffee or snack bags for your kid’s lunches, it’s all up to you. Make sure to label the bins if they aren’t see-through, so that you can easily tell what you’re storing in each basket.




5. Explore Customizable Dish Drawers 

Storing your dishes in a cabinet can be challenging for a lot of reasons: dishes that are too heavy (especiallly when stacked), cabinets that are too high to reach, no way to keep small plates and bowls in line, waste of vertical space. That’s why a customizable dish drawer is such a wonderful kitchen storage idea, since you can put all your dishes in one easy-to-reach spot that doesn’t waste any of that precious cabinet space. These designs also let you designate your own layouts to match the sizes and shapes of all your dishes, for an added level of neatness that you just can’t get when using shelves.

Plate storage drawer in kitchen

Just like with the wall-mounted pegboards, this peg design allows you to customize to match the size of your plates (courtesy HGTV). 




6. Don’t Rule Out Top Shelf Cabinets

Speaking of hard to reach spaces, make sure you’re not ruling out any of that high cabinet space that reaches up near the kitchen ceiling. It might seem impractical, but it can actually be one of the most valuable spots in your entire kitchen. One option is to store your off-season supplies and cookware, such as holiday platters or seasonal baking pans, up there.


Some homeowners even take inspiration from classic libraries and install dedicated ladders in order to have access to those pesky high shelves and cabinets. If you’re looking for a more child-friendly solution, try a foldable step stool that you can store next to the refrigerator.




7. Add Wine Storage to Your Island

If you have a kitchen with a center island, odds are it has at least one cabinet or a set of drawers in it. Adding some curved shelf inserts will allow you to transform those shelves into an instant wine rack, giving you a space-saving way to store your beverages in style.

Wine storage in kitchen island

Adding wine racks to your island gives the space a more sophisticated look and keeps the bottles in easy reach (courtesy Decor Pad). 




8. Swivel and Pivot for Corner Cabinet Storage

Corner cabinets often become the black holes of a kitchen, swallowing up anything you put in them. With the use of a simple rotating or swivel storage rack, you can ensure that everything you put in there is always within reach. No more boxes of macaroni or pot lids getting pushed to the back and getting lost.

Corner cabinet in kitchen

The unique pivot-and-glide design of these corner shelves means you can easily get access to all of your items without ever having to search through a dark space again (courtesy Dura Supreme Cabinetry). 




9. Try Vintage Tins for Countertop Storage

Add a bit of classic flair to your countertops by swapping out those plastic containers for some vintage tins. You can usually find some at thrift stores or vintage shops, and they’re great for holding whisks, spatulas, or even cutlery.




10. Utilize the Back of Pantry Doors

If you have a pantry in your kitchen, enlist the back of that door for some serious storage space. A simple hanging rack can help you organize those loose knick-knacks, utensils or even reusable shopping bags. There are plenty of different hanging organizers available that work with both walk-in and standard pantries.

Back-of-door storage for kitchen pantry

Don't let the space at back of the door to your pantry go to waste. Installing a custom shelf like this or even prefab wire shelving will enable you to hold lots of items in otherwise wasted space in the kitchen (courtesy Home Design Ideas).


And while we're taking about pantries, there’s absolutely no reason why your pantry shouldn’t look just like your closet in terms of organization. In fact, you can even use full closet organizers in your pantry to help bring order to large bins, odd-shaped pans, and even your store of dry goods. The trick is to make sure everything has its own space.



11. Swap the Spice Rack for a Spice Drawer

This clever idea for storing your spices helps your save space while also protecting all those wonderful herbs and seasonings. Exposure to sunlight, heat from cooking or even the open air can cause spices to dry out and lose flavor. The drawer protects them from all of that, while still keeping them handy.

Spice storage drawer for kitchen

Spice drawers might sound like a headache waiting to happen, but they can actually make organizing and ordering your seasoning a breeze because there’s more space for odd-sized jars (courtesy Rev-a-Shelf). 


12. Make the Most of a Wall with Magnets

Magnetic kitchen storage solutions are a wonderful way to add some additional functionality to a wall. You can opt for a traditional magnetic bar to hold all of your knives, or add some metal to the wall for a decorative spice holder. 




13. Upcycle Those Office Supplies

Believe it or not, there are a ton of organizational solutions sitting around your home that are actually perfect for use in the kitchen. Pencil holders can double as flatware holders, while mail organizers can help plastic sealable lids and cutting boards stay in line. Just make sure you thoroughly wash the item before bringing it into the kitchen.

Office file folder for use in kitchen

A handscome file sorter like this cam come from the office to the kitchen to store and organize cutting boards, container tops, or cookbooks, leaving cabinet space that would normally be used for these items free for bulkier out-of-sight storage (courtesy Kitchn).




14. Squeeze Storage between Cabinets

Let's face it, kitchen layouts often may not come out to precisely fit the cabinets and appliances you need to instal. There may be leftover space between cabinets, which may be covered by a decoratvie panel, or space between your refrigerator or range and the cabinetry that's too small to fit even the smalled conventional cabinet but big enough to be a nuisance. Try installing a rolling vertical storage unit. Your cabinet manufacturer may offer this kind of optional unit, or you could make – or have made – a customer unit to match your cabinetry. You can also just buy a plain off-the-shelf rolling storage unit of the right width and paint it to match or complement your cabintry. However you do it, you will be putting valuable wasted space to good use.

Vertical storage unit for tight spots in kitchen

If you have extra space between your refrigerator and the kitchen cabinetry – or somewhere else where the kitchen layout resulted in some leftover sapce – a rolling vertical stoarge unit like this can come in handy to increase useful storage in the kitchen (courtesy Cook. Craft. Love.).




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