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Country Style House Plans

Country Style House Plans

3-bedroom home in the country style of architecture including front porch, rustic finishes, and sensible comfort.

Informal yet elegant, it’s no wonder country homes reign as America’s single most popular house design style. Country house plans are a broad architectural genre that reflects many other style influences, overlapping with home styles such as farmhouse, rusticcottage, and cabin. Whether it’s a primary residence set within a spread-out suburban environment or a vacation home hidden away in the rural countryside retreat, country style houses are the architectural embodiment of the American Dream.

About Our Country Home Plans

Merging design principles of utility and beauty, country home plans in the United States evolved as their own take on English and Old World rural estates. Characteristic gable roofs and dormer windows draw the eyes upward to the lofty higher lines of these homes.

The Plan Collection offers nearly 6,000 country style house plans. A few of the features typical of this style include:

  • Generous front porch. The most iconic of country-style homes have elaborate front porches — serving as a functional transition space between outdoors and indoors and adding beautiful woodworking detail to the home’s appearance. They have everything from wraparound porches to front porches with posts to covered doorways -- and often decorated with colorful plants and flowers.
  • Fireplace as the home centerpiece. Before modern conveniences of central heating and electricity, the home’s fireplace provided coziness in a common space. To this day, a family that lives in a country-style home is naturally drawn to the fireplace as it provides warmth and comfort.
  • Ample square footage. Country style floor plans embrace size and space.  The majority of our plans that fall in this category boast square footage of at least 1,500 square feet.
  • Rustic finishes and decor. Traditionally, this style of home was built with materials that were available locally like simple stones, bricks, and wood. Today, materials are readily available, yet country living house plans still preserve that original vernacular look with exposed wood beams and rough textures. Owners often opt to decorate with folksy decor that reflects a complementary style.

Take a look through the great variety of country house plans available from trusted home designers and The Plan Collection. Start turning your dream home into a reality today, and let us know if you have any questions before you purchase.

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