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Luxurious Country House Plans

Last updated May 19, 2022

Luxurious Country Home Design


This luxurious set of Country House Plans is called the Dover, and let me tell you -- it also knows a thing or two about luxury home design.


Aside from its attractive country craftsman style, the Dover is committed to providing you with the most open and spacious floor plan available. Each room is so large and airy, but the Dover is constantly finding ways to open things up even more.

 Luxury country manor with 4 bedrooms

For instance, check out the way that you get a straight shot from one end of the family room all the way over to the opposite wall of the country kitchen -- talk about "wide open spaces."


The Dover also does a fantastic job of using every available inch to provide you with the amenities you deserve. Lets take some time to explore the second story, shall we? Apart from the elegant master suite (complete with a fireplace, walk-in closet, and private bath), you are greeted by three additional bedrooms, two baths, and a handy laundry room. Plus you just cant possibly beat the classy style of the T-shaped staircase -- its totally awesome!


Although the Dover offers all of the common, everyday features that you would expect from a typical Country House Plan, it also provides a few comforts that many people would only anticipate in a strictly Luxury Home Design. Formal living and dining areas come to mind, as does a secluded corner office. However, one feature that really stands out is the vaulted screened porch. What a delightful indoor/outdoor rec area!


The Dover really does offer a lot of luxurious features -- Check it out!


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