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About Us: History of House Plans and TPC

Driven by the simple idea that great house design should be affordable and readily accessible to everyone, the founders have spent over 40 years dedicated to delivering on that vision. From the days of printed house plan books to PCs, the Internet, social media and now tablets – we have constantly strived to provide our users with a better, more convenient and more valuable experience. We hope you agree.


Early Days

In the 1970s, we offered our first black and white house plan books – effectively catalogs highlighting perhaps 100 or so of the best pre-drawn house plans we could find. As printing costs lowered and our network of quality architects and house designers expanded, we increased the number of titles and the page size of these books. But just creating great house plan books wasn’t enough. We needed to get these books and their high quality house plan designs in front of future home builders. To do so, we partnered with retailers like Barnes & Noble, Home Depot and Lowe’s to make sure that future homeowners could find these house plan books early in their house design and building process. As a result, literally thousands of houses have been built using pre-drawn house plans we have marketed.


Coming of the Internet Age

By the end of the 1990s, it was clear that many of the old models were changing. With the widespread popularity of the PC, we tested a CD-ROM house plan catalog with mixed success. Not long thereafter, we embraced the Internet with our first house plans website. While everyone still complained about download times and slow connections, the Internet allowed us to capitalize on our vision as nothing else to that point had – truly providing nearly universal access to quality house design.


Today and Beyond

With the Internet platform as the backbone, we are now able to provide access to far more quality home plans than ever before. Even better, we can enable users to screen and search for house plans that meet their specific needs and desires. And once a user finds a plan, he has access to far more information about it than could ever be provided in a printed book! At The Plan Collection, we continue to look for new and creative ways to interact with our users and to provide access to and information about house plans – through social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets like the iPad, to even 3D printing of house plans

Despite our relentless focus on innovation and offering high quality house plans to prospective home plan buyers, one thing has remained a constant for the last 40 years – the focus on you, the customer.