Scoffers and non-believers had a field day when the A-Frame House Plan first began to appear. Impractical, some said; uncomfortable, declared others; too expensive, ugly and more. And yet people built them and enjoyed them--and like the Volkswagen Bug, found them to be economical and practical, and yes, even beautiful to many beholders. It boasts an oversized living/dining room, a U-shaped kitchen, large bedroom and closet spaces, fully equipped bath plus a standard stairway (not a ladder) to the large second floor balcony dormitory. An old fashioned wood stove or a modern pre-fabricated fireplace adds warmth and cheer to the main living room. The huge glass wall that dominates the front facade enhances the romantic atmosphere of the vaulted interior.  There are no roof trusses, plan is designed by using Glu-Lam beams ever 4’-0” on center with 2x8 roof joists in between. No timber frame.