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Great Modern Homes
It is always tough to find a good modern home. They are just not that easy to come by, especially a good one. Ever since Frank Lloyd Wright, not many architects have been able to master the modern design. Many designers try, but not many are successful. Where they flaw, not many know. One designer that we feature here on The Plan Collection has an amazing array of modern, contemporary, and prairie style homes. This displayed house plan above is just one of his popular modern plans. Builders and homeowners love the simple elegance of this home plan. With a formal living and dining room, as well as a large family room, this plan easily accommodates big family gatherings. Notice the oversized bedrooms and overall good use of space. The a Read more
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Published On : 10-26-2004
Author : Steve Donegan
Modern House Plans
Click on the Image to view this floor plan. The "Modern" architectural style became popular in the 1920's and 30's and is similar and often referred to as "Art-Deco". The rural housing market never really embraced this styling, as did commercial development. This plan style generally consists of very simplistic and modern geometrical designs. Usually walls are smooth texture stucco, or stone and roof systems are a very shallow pitch or flat. Modernized designs avoid multiple design elements that other styles use. For example a Victorian style home may have fish scale in the gables, lap siding, as well as brick or stone enhanced with decorative accents in the gables, on railing etc. Modern and Art Deco ornamentation is generally subtle pa Read more
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Published On : 11-23-2004
Author : Steve Donegan
Small and Stylish House Plans
 Many of our clients are looking for something small, simple, and economical. Some are building for their own home, and others are hoping to build for less and sell for more. No matter which category you fall under, there are a few key factors in creating a comfortable, enjoyable dwelling, while optimizing the price tag.If you want to save money during the build, then build less. Simple? Of course! In fact, simple is the best word for it. Build a box. A box is the most space efficient shape for builders and designers. Glamorous? It can be! Architecture is the art of making the structure both sound and interesting. A box doesn’t have to be boring. What architectural elements should I look for while I search for a home? Here are a Read more
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Published On : 05-16-2007
Author : Steve Donegan
Modern Prairie House Plans
Once in a while, we get to be surprised as we find a new house plan we havent seen before, and its awesome. This time its plan number CD-R5300A3F-0DB, a mouthful. Though the name may be hard to remember, the design is not. This unassuming Prairie home opens up to an immaculate interior that features excellent line and a slightly retro-modern floor plan. The Prairie exterior is an elusive façade that does not portray the depth of the interior. Passing through the front door, youre met with and elegantly informal floor plan, with a large kitchen to the left, the great room beyond, and the dining room ahead and to the right. The gallery is the centerpiece to this design, giving curvature of line and creating a barrier between the public Read more
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Published On : 02-27-2008
Author : Steve Donegan
Green, Stylish, and Functional House Plans
I get to talk about cool house plans all day long (eat your heart out George Gray), so I'm pretty excited when one comes a long that hits all my favorite features. The 1978 is just one such house.   Favorite Feature #1: Big Green   The 1978 has the potential to be a pretty awesome green home design. The designer definitely had this in mind when he started this project. From his site: "Being earth-friendly can be fun, and can save you a lot of money, Buy [house plans] that [use] natural lighting, and maximizes your view of the outdoor world." Natural lighting is proven to reduce stress. It's also proven to save on electricity bills and, if done right, heating and cooling bills. Passive solar design is by far the most eff Read more
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Published On : 04-29-2008
Author : Steve Donegan
A Modern Delight!
  Have you ever fallen in love with a set of house plans, only to find out that they are too big for your budget? It seems like we talk to someone every single day that is facing that dilemma. Sadly, most of the time, there is nothing we can do to help them.   Let's face it; it is extremely difficult to reduce the square footage of a home without reducing the livability. You can't just reduce a plan by 25 or 30%, because that would mean that the ceilings, doors, and hallways would also shrink by 25-30%. You also can't just pick and choose a few rooms that you could do without -- this can either leave gaping holes in the floor plan or totally change the exterior style of the home. The only way tha Read more
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Published On : 11-07-2008
Author : Steve Donegan
Modern Comfort and Style
As you can tell, this Modern Home Plan is the Skiatook. This is one book that is safe to judge by its cover. You can tell that it's got a lot of style just by watching the 3D video, but I want to take some time to tell you just how comfortable and livable it is on the inside. The Skiatook is impressive from the very first moment that it comes into view, but it just keeps getting better. As a guest, you would immediately notice the awesome two-story glass foyer greeting you as you approach the house, but you would also find that the Skiatook is unique in several ways. Unlike many homeplans, the first story of the Skiatook is devoted mostly to bedrooms; Bedroom 2, in particular, is very nice. At 17' 6" x 13' 6", Read more
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Published On : 07-16-2009
Author : Steve Donegan
Prairie Style -- An American Original
Are you looking to purchase a set of house plans to build your new home? Some of you may be seasoned pros when it comes to finding what you want on an online house plans website. On the other hand, The Plan Collection might be your first taste of online stock house plans. Whatever your situation, it's plain to see that home plans can come in hundreds of different styles and thousands of different models; it can be quite overwhelming! Let me introduce you to one of my favorites. Have you ever heard of Frank Lloyd Wright? Not only was he recognized in 1991 by the American Institute of Architects as "the greatest American architect of all time",[1] he was also one of the primary developers of the Prairie Style of architecture Read more
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Published On : 11-11-2009
Author : Steve Donegan
Modern House Plans at their BEST!
Back in 2007, we started selling a remarkable Modern House Plan by Dan Tyree known simply as "The Barbados." Right from the beginning, we knew we had something phenomenal on our hands. Seemingly overnight, the Barbados became one of our most popular house plans. People absolutely fell in love with its unique style and thoughtful layout. The only problem with the Barbados (if you can call it a "problem") is that it's a bit larger than what the average homeowner is looking for. People seemed to be emailing us almost every day, asking if the plan could be made smaller. Unfortunately, reducing the square footage of a house plan can be a very expensive and involved process; however, Dan Tyree was able to strike gold again -- with Read more
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Published On : 04-28-2010
Author : Steve Donegan
Affordable Modern Style
Modern Home Design There seems to be a lot of talk about Modern Design recently -- it's making headlines in the newspaper, it's in magazines at the checkout line, and it's on the television (you can't even turn on HGTV without hearing about it). Of course, it probably isn't all that surprising; we do live in a very modern period of time. What might be surprising is that modern design actually began back in the early 1900s. Although there have been numerous different movements and schools of design, Modern style generally focuses on strong geometric shapes. Polished surfaces are a predominant feature -- as are large windows, neutral palettes, and certainly state-of-the-art amenities. The Plan Collection has a wide variety Read more
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Published On : 04-14-2011
Author : Steve Donegan

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