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Quality, Speed or Price
When choosing a builder, determine in what he specializes.  Is his main focus quality, speed or price?  If he focuses too much on price or speed the quality will take a hit.  If you really want your home done extra quickly you will pay more and the quality will not be as high.  I am sure you also know of a builder who has a good reputation for great quality.  This builder is probably taking advantage of his clients because of his reputation.  You will notice this when he bids your home plans, because his will be the highest bid by far.  A good quality builder is worth some extra, but how much more?  If you specify everything that is to be in your home, the quality guy isn't going t Read more
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Published On : 07-03-2004
Author : Steve Donegan
How to get the most out of your builder
I once built a house for a man who owned a pizza franchise.  He would frequently bring a few pizzas by the job site.  He would talk with my subcontractors for five minutes while they ate their pizza.   He was always positive about the job they were doing and told them how much he appreciated their good quality craftsmanship.  It is just human nature to do a good job when you feel appreciated.  You can't believe the extras those subs did for the homeowner, at no additional cost.  To this day, that is the best home we have ever built.  The homeowner was actually one of the most demanding we have ever had.  However, he gained the respect of my subcontractors before he would say something l Read more
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Published On : 07-05-2004
Author : Steve Donegan
Choosing a Builder
I was looking at a site called NAHB. Which stands for National Association of Home Builders. I enjoy being a member of this association. It allows me to meet with other builders to talk about the latest trends and to compare notes on who has the most difficult home-owners. Well, at least I am honest about it. The NAHB is the association that sponsers the Parade of Homes. I have had eight different homes in the parade. I have served as president of our local NAHB branch. It is a good organization with good ideals and ethics. I would recommend finding a builder who is a member of this association. I found the following article on the NAHB web site: CHOOSING A BUILDER If you're in the market for a new home, you should shop for your builder Read more
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Published On : 07-08-2004
Author : Steve Donegan
Dealing with subcontractors
I know many of you who are looking at our house plans are probably wanting to general contract your own home.  I have written several articles on why not to do that, but some of you will do it anyway.  For those of you who like that kind of stress, let me give you a few hints when it comes to working with subcontractors. NEVER pay any sub-contractor up front money. When the job is finished, DO NOT just accept the sub-contractors word "I'm finished" INSPECT IT (twice) to make sure it is finished, and then pay them. VERY IMPORTANT: Require ALL Sub-contractors to sign a Mechanic Lien Release (or lien waiver) form, showing that you have paid them in full. Your local title company probably has a pre-written form.Find the right sub-con Read more
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Published On : 02-26-2005
Author : Steve Donegan
Here are 10 steps for hiring and working with a contractor
This is the year you're going all out. You're going to build a deck, add a porch, erect a gazebo or lay a patio. You've done the research. It's well within your capability and you're looking forward to the satisfaction of creating a structure of beauty. Or not. Yes -- you'd like to proceed with an outdoor structure, but for you, it isn't a do-it-yourself project. How can you find the right person to do it for you? Here are 10 tips for hiring and working with a contractor. 1. Plan your project carefully. Clip pictures, make sketches, write a description. This will help you accurately convey to the contractor what you want the finished product to be. 2. Make a list of contractors. Ask your neighbors or friends for the names of rep Read more
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Published On : 04-29-2005
Author : Steve Donegan
NAHB Establishes Relief Fund for Katrina Victims
Through the National Housing Endowment, NAHB has established a relief fund for home builders associations and their members to make contributions to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina in Florida, Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. “Our hearts go out to those affected by Hurricane Katrina, and NAHB is again poised to respond as an industry to contribute to the massive relief effort,” said NAHB President David Wilson. “We’ve all seen the reports of devastation and are both saddened and humbled by the enormity of this natural disaster and its toll on life, property and way of life for the residents of the hardest hit areas.” At a meeting later this week in conjunction with the association’s fall board Read more
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Published On : 09-07-2005
Author : Steve Donegan
Everybody Loves a Happy Ending
We at The Plan Collection just received an email from one of our past customers, and with his permission, I'd like to share a little bit about his experiences. It's a success story that will show you just how enjoyable an adventure building your own home can be -- especially if you get things started off on the right foot. I'd just like to highlight a few key points that helped give this project a happy ending: CHOOSE THE RIGHT HOUSE PLANS Like most people, Garry had considered building a home for quite some time, but he had a few concerns: "I had been thinking about building but wasn't sure how it would work on such a narrow lot. I went to Google and just typed 'House Plans '. Your site came up. This plan was the th Read more
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Published On : 09-10-2010
Author : Steve Donegan
House Plan Lighting Dos and Don'ts
When you are building a new home, probably one of the last things you would think about is the lighting, or planning for lighting. However, today, modern interior lighting trends dictate some forethought and planning. Why? Because lighting is one of the most important fundamentals of each and every modern interior design. This next year of 2015, the trends include retro, classic and contemporary lighting designs. It might not always seem like it, but lighting is one of the most important elements of a room. Make sure your room is lit appropriately by following these lighting do's and don'ts. First of all, modern homes have several types of home wiring for lighting and power distribution. The regulations for wiring installation va Read more
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Published On : 10-03-2014
Author :Brian Toolan

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