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Billionaire Giving Back on Glenn Beck Show

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Published On : 02-02-2008
Author : Steve Donegan

I'm not sure how many of you watch or listen to the Glenn Beck show. I don't watch or listen to either religiously (no offense to Glenn) but I happened to catch a show tonight where he interviewed a man named Jon Huntsman and a couple of doctors that work with him at his Huntsman Cancer Institute. This particular interview caught my attention because right now cancer is something that hits close to home in our family

So Jon Hunstman is sort of a local legend in Utah. He is a man that started out poor as a child and became a billionaire. You know those egg cartons your eggs come in, or the disposable plastic forks, knifes and spoons that you use all the time? Apparently his company invented products like that years ago. I've included the link so that you can read the entire article for yourself. This is a man that basically lost 200 million dollars on a business deal because he had given his word by handshake 6 months earlier and felt it was wrong to re-negotiate when he had already committed to a price. The buyer even wanted to renegotiate. I'm sure there are a lot of people that think he is crazy, but it's very admirable to me that he was so adamant about keeping his word and upholding his integrity that he would not re-negotiate. Later when the buyer passed on he had asked that Jon Hunstman speak at his funeral because he was so impressed with his integrity.

These days, Jon Huntsman is spending the fortune that he has built over the years to research and find a cure for cancer. We've been to the Hunstman Center for treatments and it is trueley a state of the art facility. We all need to support a guy like Mr. Hunstman that stands up for integrity and doing the right thing. But even more, I think it would be wise to support his foundation or other cancer research foundations. Here is a man that lived the American dream going from rags to riches - but now he's giving it all back. Researching cancer is expensive, and even a billionaire can't fund it forever. I think if everyone knew what it felt like to have cancer, or be the parent or loved one who has cancer, we'd all be a lot more interested in finding a cure.

You can Donate to the Hunstman Foundation Here

Read or listen to Glenn Beck's Interview with Jon Hunstman Here

Billionaire Giving Back on Glenn Beck Show

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