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Garage House Plans and Apartments

I want to let out one of our best kept secrets. We have a unique collection of versatile home plans, and that is our garage house plans. These come in two different groups: simple garages of all sizes and garages with apartments above them. Each offer a powerful set of options to your lifestyle that make storage, play, housing guests, nurturing children, and making money easy!

Storage is a problem with a lot of smaller homes and with the cost to build only rising; it can be difficult to justify moving to a larger home. Another garage is often the answer. If you have the land and a permit, a second garage can be the bonus space youve been looking for. These structures are perfect for a secure shop or barn.

Play time is another problem with most house plans. How can we create space to play in and still keep our house looking nice? Our garage plans offer a specific location for play of all kinds. Whether it be music, basketball, tennis, swimming, or even a place just for kids, garage plans are versatile enough to house it all.

Another great virtue of our garage house plans collection is that many of them have apartments above. This apartment can be a life saver in several common situations. Many of our clients are in search of a mother-in-law suite. There is no easier solution than giving them a house of their own. If mom and dad dont mind stairs, then it works perfectly. If they dont want them, then a regular garage plan is a great place to let them design their own single story get-a-way. Even more of our clients are looking for a quest suite to house their family and friends. A whole apartment would be luxurious accommodations. Others have teenagers in high school and college. This would be a great staging point to help them learn to survive on their own.

If all else fails and nobody uses your garage and/or apartment, then all you need to do is put up the rent sign and wait for a good tenant. Rental income would not only pay for the building, but could generate a little extra income for the piggy bank. When its time to sale and move on, the extra space will separate your property from the competition and your investment could pay high dividends.

Garage house plans are an outstanding answer to many problems homeowners face today. The collection includes guest houses, barns, home offices, garages both large and small, apartments, workspace, and storage. The beautiful part about it is that any garage can be considered unfinished bonus space, which means the possibilities are endless. All you need to do is talk to your builder about how you can dress it up to match your main house. But dont worry about that thats the easy part.

Garage with Apartments House Plans

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