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Asbestos Removal & GREEN Alternatives for Homeowners

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Published On : 03-17-2009
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Located in the western part of the United States, Utah is the center of information technology, transportation and a large tourist destination for outdoor recreation activities. Utah was named the fastest growing state in the United Stated in a study conducted by the U.S. Census Bureaus. The path to owning a home is an exciting time for everyone, but one that will bring additional responsibilities.


Used throughout the greater part of the 20th century, asbestos was one of the most highly sought after building materials due to its flame resistant qualities. Utahs asbestos has been as a result of its large petroleum industry. Oil giants such as BP Amoco, Chevron and American Oil all have refineries stationed in the state. Potential home buyers, re modelers or those constructing a house should be aware that homes may contain asbestos and other obsolete methods of construction. This isnt to make you worried because asbestos exposure is easily prevented by taking simple precautions. Fueling many aspects of life in the state, environmental sustainability is on the minds of citizens and those involved in construction. There are now many green alternatives that replace the need for harmful asbestos and can reduce annual energy costs in the home.



If any asbestos is suspected, the best advice is to leave it un-disturbed. Touching or breaking it off may cause it to become damaged and release its fibers into the air. Sometimes the best action is no action. Long term exposure to damaged asbestos can cause a rare but severe form of asbestos lung cancer known as peritoneal mesothelioma cancer. With no cure for mesothelioma cancer, those involved in many industries all over the world are now receiving the proper indications and information towards the risks they face.


If asbestos removal is necessary, it may prove worth the time and expense. The removal of asbestos in public facilities, homes and workplaces must be performed by a licensed abatement contractor. The Utah Department of Environmental Quality assists citizens in the inspection, removal and safe disposal of asbestos. It is recommended that homeowners not disturb any suspected asbestos materials as this will release its fibers into the air.


Going Green!
Living in a world where environmental sustainability is a vital concern to the future of mankind, it is important to take note of the consequences of improper building materials and environmental degradation. Green options to asbestos include the use of cotton fiber, lcynene foam and cellulose. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) conducted a study which estimated a new savings of $50-$65 per square foot for positively constructed green buildings. Statistics show that the lcynene foam, for example, can cut energy costs by about 25 percent annually, according to studies done by manufacturers. With a steady growth on technology and public education, there are a variety of green alternative methods of insulation which make the use of asbestos obsolete such as as lcynene, cellulose and cotton fiber. Not only do these healthy substitutes provide the same qualities as asbestos, they can even reduce annual energy costs.



Article by Joe Lederman
Mesothelioma Cancer Center


Asbestos Removal & GREEN Alternatives for Homeowners
Green Building

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