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Southern Country House Great for Family Bonding

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Published On : 09-13-2012
Author : Steve Donegan
 House Plan 153-1432

Southern Country House Great for Family Bonding

Family get-togethers are lots of fun and besides getting to catch up on all the latest news, the kids get a chance to play together that may be a rare occasion. There some things you can do to make these times a lot more fun such as games for the youngsters and of course, grilling barbeque session with moms and dads of the family. This particular gathering goes out not only during Thanksgiving Day but most likely the whole year round as long there is a chance for families to bond. It’s a good thing that a southern house plan such as this could accommodate such family events. With its covered front and back porch – rain or shine, family get-togethers will be spoiled no more.

Being able to cater possibilities, this brick house plan with its 2,400 square feet area is right to meet your needs.   From the outside, the brick exterior gives the house the element of stability for it can withstand the test of time. It has an accent of quoin which gives it a rustic yet elegant touch to the finished brick. It has also side entry garage for corner lots making the garage more accessible.

There is nothing like the crackling sound of a fireplace and having one, brings added enjoyment to the family as you and your loved ones snug closely to the inviting warmth of it.

When two people decide to share a home, it usually means the colliding of two different worlds. You'll be bringing in all of your stuff, complete with your baseball card collection and high school trophies. She'll be bringing in all of her stuff, including her scrapbooking kits and seventy-two pairs of shoes. And there's certain not to be enough space for all of it. You don't want your relationship to head south over a petty issue like closet space, but unless you take the bull by the horns, your closet could become a bone of contention between you and your loved one. His and hers closet organization is a great way to head off conflict at the pass. With a separate vanity bathroom, you’ll have your needed me-time peacefully.

Holding a family event in your house is really a stressful but joyful task. Pre-event preparations are as tasking as the post-event. Whatever complains you have, the memories of your togetherness will surpass any of those. With its huge laundry room with sink, family members could even make a room for chores day as family bonding as well. The featured breakfast bar in the kitchen is one place for you to showcase your cooking prowess and let your kiddos appreciate it.

Where there is a family to fall back upon, even hard times of misfortune, it becomes easier to bear and this is just what family bonds is all about. It is however great luck to get the fortune of a fully blooming family with all its bonds in place.

Southern Country House Great for Family Bonding
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