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Interior design ideas
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Interior design ideas
By: the design house interior design
On: 5/30/2012
There's nothing better than coming home from work after a stressful day, feeling tired and just wanting to relax. Transform you home into a lovely space, cozy but at the same time practical, modern and beautiful. Surprise your guests with innovative interior design ideas and enjoy the smile on everybody's face and the spark in their eyes when they'll see how transformed your house is. Everyone should have a well designed space regardless of budget constraints. Don't be afraid to change the interior design of your home, believe in your interior design ideas because a personal touch is exactly what your house needs. For example, when you go shopping for a new sofa don't choose the common brown and go for a happier color instead, or even a neutral one because it is much lighter to the eye than a dark brown sofa and you can play around choosing the matching colors for pillows. Remember that when it comes to interior design there's a world of color just waiting for you. Another interior design idea would be to make the mirrors in your home more than something you want to look into, make them something you want to look at! Go beyond their initial and practical purpose and treat them like something more than a functional reflective surface you use in the bathroom each morning. They reflect light, expand rooms, enhance design and can be great conversation pieces or even works of art. One of the most wonderful things about mirrors are the vast variety in size, shape and style that they come in. All of these things come into play when you are deciding on where you want one placed and how you want it to impact the room. The most commonly used mirror is the bathroom mirror, but don't let the functionality of it overpower the possibilities of mirrors. Have fun playing with shapes, instead of a rectangular go with a circle, oblong or, something on the ornate side to add interest. Living rooms, entryways and even dining rooms give you lots of possibilities. One spectacular thing is the size of mirror that these rooms can handle, having a large mirror brightens the room and expands the space dramatically! Also, mirror collages are fun and have endless possibilities as far as style, color, shape and quantity. You can never have too many interior design ideas, the design of the elements in your home just needs to be thought out and the sky is the limit!
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RE: Interior design ideas
By: annieedward
On: 7/30/2013
Completely agree with your lovely ideas. When it comes to design home interior, everything need to be consider, the paint color, lighting effect, perfect matching door, windows, floors, ceiling etc. Kitchen, bathroom are equally important while designing interior. Check out some of the great designs here:
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