Developer Documentation for Interacting with The Plan Collection

Interacting with is simple. All of the house plans in our database and all of our articles are available via RSS or Atom.

House Plan Search

All house plan searches can be customized via the url. This is best illustrated using a couple of examples:

The easiest way to create a search is to go to the advanced house plan search page and enter your desired options. Then just copy the url.

RSS and Atom

RSS and Atom are common standards for distributing information on the Internet. We provide our data in both of these formats. To get an rss feed of any search page simple add /rss to the end of the url. To get an atom feed of any search page simple add /atom to the end of the url.

Using the examples from above add rss or atom to the end to retrive the results in a machine readable format:


To get an xml document of any search page simply add /xml to the end of the url just like with atom or xml. You will get an xml document that looks like this:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> 
      <title>House Plan Name</title> 
      <description>Description of House Plan</description> 
      <styles>CountryCraftsmanIn-Law SuiteLuxuryVacation Homes</styles>